Introduction of Silicon Carbide Crystal Growth and Processing Technology R & D and Industrialization

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Brief introduction of achievements:

Silicon carbide (SiC) crystal is a wide band gap semiconductor material with excellent performance. It has been widely used in the preparation of light-emitting devices, power electronic devices, radio frequency microwave devices and other fields. However, the crystal growth is extremely difficult, and only a few developed countries have mastered the SiC crystal growth and processing technology. The localization of SiC crystal is very important to prevent the wide band gap semiconductor industry from getting stuck. 

Since 1999, based on independent research and development, from basic research to application research, our team has broken through the key technologies from growth equipment to high-quality SiC crystal growth and processing, formed a complete technical route with independent intellectual property rights, realized the localization and industrialization of SiC crystal, produced good economic and social benefits, and promoted the development of China's wide band gap semiconductor industry.


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Patents and standards obtained

Social and economic benefits:

This achievement has formed complete independent intellectual property rights, 27 invention patents (including 6 foreign patents) have been authorized, and 3 national standards have been formulated. Beijing Tankeblue Semiconductor Co., Ltd. , the first SiC crystal company in China, our team was established. In 2019, the new sales revenue was 155 million yuan and the new profit was 25.96 million yuan. Beijing Tankeblue Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the world-famous manufacturers of SiC crystal substrate, leading and promoting the development of research and industrial chain of wide band gap semiconductor industry in China.


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