Tankeblue participates in Shanghai Stock Exchange Roadshow

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Does the new generation of semiconductor materials have "seeds" and "grow"? An innovation from the Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, goes out of the laboratory and onto the production line.

On January 20,2021 the 2020 CAS roadshow of scientific and technological achievements was held online. Guided by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the roadshow brought together a number of "hard technology" achievements.

Silicon carbide crystal, a new generation of "Star" material of semiconductor, is more and more used in new energy vehicles, 5g communication, smart grid and other fields with higher power, lower energy consumption and higher temperature resistance. Starting from "seed crystal", there is still a gap in a series of processes such as raw material synthesis and crystal growth in China.


Relying on years of basic research accumulation, the Institute of physics, CAS has broken through the technical barriers and transformed the achievements. Tankeblue, an industrial landing enterprise, focuses on silicon carbide crystal growth, substrate processing and equipment development, and has realized large-scale supply of large-scale silicon carbide substrate products.

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